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Now that's Bari

Berwick-upon-Tweed Tea

This week our blog features one of our local artisans: Bari Tea Brewery based just down the road from us in Alnwick. This fabulous place is run by Maitre T Caroline Stewart who has a passion for all things tea and lovely. Like many places in the UK, Northumberland has its own language and the word Bari (pronounced baa-ree) is Northumbrian for "lovely". The perfect name for this tea oasis.

Caroline set up her business in Alnwick a few years ago and, like us, has been learning the joys of running her own business. She also shares our passion for excellence. Our love of tea and cake led to our paths crossing several years ago when we visited the Bari Tea Brewery and we are proud to say that we continue to stock a great range of the teas.

Caroline's love of tea is reflected by the fact that she is meticulous with her blends of tea ensuring that each one gives you the perfect brew. She has even worked hard to create the perfect blend for the water here in Northumberland and has created one of the most popular teas: Bari Breakfast Blend. There are over 30 different teas on the menu and some of the blends are  named after Northumbrian places or people: Glendale, Earl Grey, Grace Grey. Yes, Northumberland is the home of Earl Grey tea. This deliciously light tea was originally blended by a Chinese mandarin for the 2nd Earl Grey. Bergamot was added to counter the taste of lime in the water at the fantastic Howick Hall, the Earl's home. The tea grew in popularity and the rest is history! Caroline also stocks the very delicate White Earl Grey tea which has notes of vanilla.

We love working with the Bari Tea Brewery as we know that our hampers contain carefully curated teas of the finest quality including White Earl Grey, Quangzhou Milk Oolong, Darjeeling White Tips, Lovers Leap and Bari Breakfast Blend.  Each loose leaf tea is beautifully packed in a lovely reusable caddy and contains 10 tea filters so no mess in the  teapot! The recipient of a hamper containing a tea from the Bari Tea Brewery is definitely in for a tea treat!

All this talk of tea has got us thinking that must be brew time! We're off to put the kettle on.

Bari Tea Gift Hamper



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