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There's more to a picnic than meets the eye!

picnic work park

With the weather turning on the charm offensive we have turned our minds to picnics. For some it is indeed the ideal opportunity to pop a very important question but have you ever thought of organising one for work? What better way to bring people together to share, to connect and to have fun.

Who would you invite? If it's a work event then it could be the ideal opportunity to simply get people together. You could organise one for the people in your department or go wild so how about one that covers different departments . Do you really know what goes on in accounts, in marketing, in sales, in purchases? They are your colleagues too and you are all part of one big team with the same aim - to make your company a success.  If you are a home worker (there are so many fabulous creative people out there working from home) have your thought about connecting with other home workers who live near by? It could be a great way to start some networking.

Where would you meet? If the weather is great then why not a nearby park - a great way to get people out of the office and out of their comfort zones too. If you don't trust the weather what about a meeting room? It doesn't actually have to be one at work. There are lots of meeting hubs starting up to meet the needs of lots of new startups and micro-businesses . You could even ask the venue to do a small informal chat about the facilities available and you may get if for free especially if you are thinking of organising your picnic on a regular basis. Your picnic could simply be held at lunchtime or after work.

What would you bring? This is where the real fun starts. It is quite simple really, everyone should bring a dish  (salad, quiche, pies, sausage rolls, cheese, fruit, puddings.....and a something to drink). You could  even give your picnic a theme!

Hopefully, you now have some food for thought (sorry about the pun there!) but you know what we're thinking.  It is National Picnic Week 11- 19 June so go on, be brave and give it a try!

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