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Sea Island Coffee arrives at Jones and Jones of Berwick-upon-Tweed

New on our shelves this week is a range of rare and exotic coffees from Sea Island Coffee who are based in Knightsbridge, London. Sea Island has built up a fantastic reputation for extraordinary and rare coffee.  The  fabulous aromas of the coffees we have selected will transport you to some exotic locations without the need to leave home. Each coffee is beautifully presented in a tin and will make a fabulous gift.
Firstly, we have a coffee named after a tiny subtropical island called St Helena only accessible by sea. The beans are grown in one of the purest environments in the world and the coffee is processed using pure spring water. The flavour of this coffee is elegant, subtle and yet fragrant. A rare coffee and a perfect treat for a coffee lover.
Next up is Jamaica Blue Mountain from the Clifton Mount Estate. There is always much discussion over Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee with its mellow sweet aftertaste distinguishing it from all other coffees. Clifton Mount is the oldest working coffee estate in Jamaica and is located in the Newcastle region of the island! This coffee is perfect if you like your coffee smooth and mellow.
Thailand is a popular holiday destination, home to some of Mrs Jones' family, but also home to the Elephant Mountain coffee. It is grown in  the Chiang Mai Mountains of Northern Thailand and benefits from the mild tropical microclimate of the region. This Arabica coffee is grown alongside plum, peach, pear and macadamia nut trees and is certified ORGANIC. This coffee is grown in incredibly fertile soil which results in its rich flavour and will make a good espresso.
Hawaii has always been a dream destination for Mr and Mrs Jones, but The Greenwell Estate Private Reserve Coffee is likely to be as close as they will get this year! This coffee is grown in the Kona belt which is renowned for its volcanic soil, elevation of 335 metres above sea level and a gentle climate. The estate is only 150 acres making the coffee very special and only the best coffee can be identified as Greenwell Private Estate. This coffee is smooth and medium bodied with notes of red wine and spices. No more need be said!
Finally, we have Sea Island Signature Espresso Blend. This coffee combines Ethiopian, Brazilian and El Savador beans and is a truly exceptional blend. There are notes of rich blueberry and chocolate contrasted with smooth and floral. A real taste and aroma experience.
All the coffees have been ground and are suitable for chemex, cafetieres and stovetops so you just need to brew the coffee and relax!

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