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Valentine's Day 2015

Chocolate gift hamper Valentine's Day

Cupid is very excited, for this Saturday is Valentine’s Day.

There are many religious stories about Saint Valentine; whilst first associated with love in the Middle Ages (Chaucer referred to Valentines in his works), it wasn’t until late 18th Century when lovers gave gifts (flowers, confectionery and greetings cards) to their loved ones! At Jones and Jones of Berwick-upon-Tweed we believe that love should be all year round; our gift collections are a way of “saying it without flowers” and offer a more permanent reminder of love.  Our latest showcase gift is a "permanent" reminder with a lovely handmade crate and divine, artisan chocolates and a very special raspberry and chocolate liqueur.

Aside from gifts, Mr and Mrs Jones think Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to tell our loved one how much we care. These days everyone seems to be in a rush and constantly juggling the multiple balls (kids, work, housework) that life throws at us. We are constantly distracted by our technology (smartphones, tablets) and we can forget to look up and see who is sitting next to us! Let us embrace Valentine’s Day and take time out from our busy schedules, put away our gadgets and press the romance reboot button! 

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