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A Passion for Chocolate!

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As you are aware we at Jones and Jones of Berwick-upon-Tweed have a passion for exquisite produce here, and chocolate is no exception.  Our love affair with Kiki's Chocolates started 6 years ago at a local Christmas Fair. Our two  children (much younger then) who have an eye for chocolate made an immediate beeline for Kiki's stall on arrival. They were supposed to be helping with ours! From that point onwards the rest is history.

Kiki was born and brought up in Belgium which is undoubtedly the home of quality chocolate. Having moved to Scotland to get married and missing the lovely chocolates she was accustomed to, she started making chocolate truffles for friends and family. After moving to beautiful Coldingham in the Scottish Borders 20 years ago, work commitments meant that there was little time to make chocolates. That was until about 8 years ago when Kiki decided to make some chocolates for a one-off Christmas market, and the passion for chocolate making was rekindled - and we are so pleased about that! What started as a hobby has now grown into a full-time business.

Kiki is a true artisan.  She designs and creates all the chocolates herself capturing the tastes of Belgium and some of Scotland too, eg Whisky Mac chocolates. Her chocolates are all made in small batches using 100% Belgian chocolate, hand dipped and packaged by herself - a true labour of love. Making all the fillings herself means that she has total control of the ingredients and flavours of  the chocolates. This creativity allows her to experiment with flavours from Scotland, but also from  travels in Europe  with her husband such as her very popular homemade salted caramel, inspired by the flavours from Brittany. Making chocolates in such a small scale is time consuming but as you will appreciate good things can’t be rushed.

Living in a beautiful place like Coldingham inspires her daily and this creativity is reflected in her ideas for the chocolates. It is a great feeling to see the appreciation and satisfaction the chocolates give to people and to put a smile on people’s faces. We have been smiling since we met!

Our range of Kiki's Chocolates includes hand dipped  treats such as marshmallows (once you start eating these you really can't stop!), orangettes, crystallised ginger, rose and lemon Turkish delight, cinder toffee  as well as hand made bars with chilli, orange and ginger and of course the fabulous Daisy Chocolates made just for us (homemade ganache with candied orange and Grand Marnier). To say we are working with constant temptation is an understatement!

Jones and Jones of Berwick-upon-Tweed loves working with passionate artisans like Kiki whose  produce is the key to our success of our exclusive artisan gifts and hampers. We also sell Kiki's chocolates in our retail shop on Bridge Street in Berwick. Given that your taste buds should be well and truly buzzing now we expect to see you any moment!

Kikis Chocolates Hamper


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