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Tea from the Azores

Gorreana Tea The Azores

It's Monday, the sun is shining and we're enjoying single estate green tea, grown in Europe's oldest tea plantation, Gorreana, in The Azores.  The Azores is familiar to us in the UK, as the source of our summer heat-waves (The Azores High).

The Azores islands, due to their positioning in the mid-Atlantic ocean hundreds of miles away from industrial pollution, have optimum characteristics for producing premium high quality tea. The mineral rich fertile soil, combined with fresh ocean air and artisan farming methods - pesticide free - all contribute to the success of producing one of the finest, purest teas.

Gorreana's tea plantation was founded over 130 years ago by the Gago da Camara family, and is the only European tea estate that has been operating continuously for more than a century. Gorreana's tea estate is the only remaining of the fourteen original tea producing estates on The Azores. It has been family owned and operated for five generations and we'll certainly raise our cup to them.  

Jones and Jones of Berwick-upon-Tweed stock both black and green tea from Gorreana tea plantation.

Gorreana Orange Pekoe Tea Hamper 

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