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Wine and Chocolate Pairing

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After we closed the shop on Saturday, we enjoyed a fabulous evening with artisans Kiki's Chocolates, pairing wine and chocolate - and, of course, tasting! - with our Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet and Autumn Riesling.

We found the Shiraz Cabernet just as we expected, big, but accessible wine; after a few swirls in the glass and the youthful tannins settle down. Good red fruits, plum and nice vanilla and wood from the oak. In our Penfolds Koonunga Hill Wine and Chocolate Tasting Hamper we're pairing the Shiraz Cabernet with a Belgain dark chocolate bar made with Madagascan single origin cocoa beans (67% min. cocoa solids). This works, but we found a slightly lower cocoa content may be worth exploring also, but all depends on your palate. It's fun to try and fun to discuss with others what you get from the pairing.

Australian Wine and Chocolate Tasting Hamper from Jones and Jones of Berwick

Moving to the Autumn Riesling, this definitely did not pair with the Belgian dark chocolate bar. Mr Kiki's and Mr Jones found the experience similar to mixing orange juice and milk. Not to be repeated. Just as well we had plenty of milk chocolate to experience with. 

The Autumn Riesling has a typical petrol aroma - Mr and Mrs Kiki's suggested 1960s printer ink may be a better description! It has also expresses lemon curd and jasmine with a sweet vanilla length. The match with Kiki's Belgian milk chocolate bar, made with Venezeulan single origin cocoa beans (43.5% min. cocoa solids), is perfect. This is our favourite of all chocolate bars - it is creamy and rich, also great on it's own, especially when you don't have to share!

Now that the days are drawing in, having fun pairing wine and chocolate, is a great way to share an autumn evening.  

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